We get this question a lot and it’s a tough one! It really is, because how do you select 12 restaurants when there are so many great places in Singapore? 

Let’s start by saying that restaurants are not paying to be in the book and when we visit restaurants, we’re paying for ourselves. Now we got that clear – how do we choose?

In short, our selection criteria are: quality of the food, ambience, service, type of cuisine and location. 

To give you some further background though. 

First off by going out for dinner a lot! Before we got started we talked to our EAT friends in Europe – the concept has been around for over 10 years in Stockholm – so we got some great insights from them. Of course the selection is based on the quality of the food, we don't stop there though. We think that ambience and service are just as important (if not more – but that’s a different topic!) and they are therefore taken into account as well.

When visiting restaurants – we really take the whole experience into account. From the reservation till the moment we ask for the bill, make payment and walk out of the door. Since a good night out, is about the entire evening and not just one moment.

Apart from this, we select based on type of cuisine – we want to offer a mix of cuisines and include both Western and Asian restaurants. Our book should represent the vibe of the city and its offerings, hence focusing on a specific cuisine would do Singapore short.

Lastly, the location is important. The restaurants should showcase different areas of Singapore – and surprise. The more unusual the location, the more intrigued we are. You will therefore see some restaurants in high traffic, popular areas, and others in more remote or hidden places. All to get you to experience as many different types of places as possible!