Great question! 

You can just visit these restaurants without our book of course and please do! However, when you visit these restaurants with our book and a friend, you'll get the second main course for free. You can do this once at all 12 restaurants that we have featured in our book. 

That means that our little book entitles you to 12 complimentary main courses – that’s a pretty good deal isn’t it?

The idea of EATSingapore is that you get the second main course for free at each featured restaurant. Certain restaurants only offer set menus, if this is the case, the specific privilege is highlighted on the restaurant page in your book. E.g. this can be 20% off the total food bill as you can see on the image below. 

If there's no privilege listed on the restaurant page that means the standard privilege applies: the second main course is for free. 

There are no hidden terms & conditions. You can go on any evening of the week, order anything from the menu and there’s no minimum spend. The 2017 edition of EATSingapore is valid till the end of the year – by then we will have published the 2018 edition to send you off on your next restaurant trail! 

Lastly – we recommend you to make a reservation when you plan to go to one of the restaurants and on public holidays some restaurants exclude the book’s privileges so do call to ask beforehand.

In short though – all you have to do is visit one of the restaurants, bring your book and a friend and order 2 main courses. Easy!